The Best, but Cheapest Trout Farm in the World


The Luis trout farm. Bosnia.

The Luis’ trout farm. Bosnia.

Irina and I are not cut out for fishing. This is a fact. We are too lazy and impatient for brook trout fishing, but dinner on a trout farm is quite another matter. In other words, trout fishing season is not interesting for us. The main thing is to know the right “fishing spots,” and simple, rustic food often tastes better than that which is served in expensive restaurants. This time, we went to the Balkan Peninsula, to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Bayon: The Most Mystical Khmer Temple of Cambodia

By Irina

The Khmer temple of Bayon. The Angkor Complex, Cambodia.

The Khmer temple of Bayon. The Angkor Complex, Cambodia.

When in 1633, forced to recant his belief that Earth revolves around the sun, the famous astronomer and natural philosopher Galileo Galilei spoke his catch phrase “Eppur si muove!” (And yet it does move!), Bayon, the most mystical Khmer temple near the village of Siem Reap in Cambodia, was lost in the jungles already 300 years. The Bayon Temple is a temple-enigma which scientists argue about to this day. It was found in the deep forests of Cambodia in the 19th century, and once more showed us that our ancestors knew more about the starry sky than we know now.

Three great pyramids of Giza correspond to the three stars in Orion’s Belt. Angkor Thom—the ancient capital of Cambodia—is a manmade reflection of the Draco constellation on our planet. The Bayon Temple—the most beautiful and mysterious of the Cambodian temples—stands in the heart of the ruins of the former Khmer capital. By some unexplained accident or fate, Bayon was the last temple built in Angkor. After that, the epic Khmer city full of palaces and temples was deserted for five hundred years.

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Fancy Pena Palace in Fog


Pena National Palace. Sintra, Portugal.

Pena National Palace. Sintra, Portugal.

The best time for visiting the mystical town of Sintra in Portugal is June, because:

  • the sky will be blue, the sun will be bright, and there will be no rain, fog, or wind;
  • you will be able to take plenty of wonderful shots of the Pena Palace, Quinta da Regaleira, Convent of the Capuchos, and other attractions of Sintra, but every one of these pictures will be typical and overfilled with your colleagues, tourists;
  • you will be standing in queues everywhere—to take a bus, to buy a ticket, to enter to any cafe, palace, or villa;
  • you will constantly be seeking a parking place for your auto, and, chances are, you will not find one on the narrow mountainous streets of Sintra;

The worst time for visiting the mystical town of Sintra in Portugal is January, because:

  • the sky can be deep-gray, the sun can be hidden by clouds, it can be rainy, foggy, and windy, BUT…
  • there will be no queues anywhere, and almost nobody in buses, cafes, hotels, and nearby attractions;
  • you will be able to take really mystical shots of the Pena Palace or the Convent of the Capuchos, from unusual angles, and show them to the readers of your travel blog;

Sure enough, we chose January.

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