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43 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Hey Victor! Love the blog, I’m excited you made some posts about Croatia. I showed my wife the snow photo because we went during the summer, I never knew that it COULD snow there haha We visited last summer and had an amazing time with some friends on a private catamaran with our amazing captain Bruno. Here’s our recap video:


  2. Hi Victor,
    I am interested to buy and use some of your photos … could you please let me know how we can proceed ?? Can you let me know the cost per photo ? I need 6 different photos in different measurements. Thanks
    (my private email … I am sending you a private request by email.
    Thanks and best regards


  3. i am looking for an international at kenya
    contact details;
    facebook;Yusuf Hassan


  4. Re: Salvador Dali jewelry
    “The Living Flower” is not a brooch. It is a sculpture. Once every 60 seconds it fully opens and closes. I saw this exhibit in Madrid in the early 70’s.


  5. Dear Victor, grateful if you could share more about Yaropolets and the source of the family information. I am putting together the facts about my father’s family ( the Chernyshevs). I have visited the estate, as well as the local museum, the director of which was most helpful. Spasibo. Russian or english all good. Elena Ovsyannikova (Chernysheva)


  6. Victor…
    Love your blog.
    I am going to be spending 5 days in Paris, and then would like to see a bit of Brittany.
    Our plan is to go by train to an interesting town in Brittany. Make that our base of operation, rent a car
    and do some exploration. Of course, St. Michele and Canacale for oysters are a must.

    Any thoughts on a city or town we might make our base: Rennes? Nantes?

    Appreciate any comments or tips.

    Many thanks in advance.



  7. Great blog you got here Victor! Thank you for visiting my photography blog GreenSphera:
    Please consider adding Romania to your destinations list and I will gladly provide you some of my own pictures to illustrate your articles.


  8. I am doing a website on my ancestors who come from the Rhine River/Black Forest region of Germany (Karlsruhe Baden) way back in the 1700’s. I wondered if it would be possible to use a photograph (specifically the one of the vineyards/castle your wife took) on my Ancestor Site – I would certainly acknowledge and link to your site if I could use it. Please let me know. Thanks.


  9. Hi Victor, greetings from Jakarta capital city of Indonesia. I would like to ask your expertise based on your experience. I had mild stroke which affect my left body part and my phisyo therapist asked me to train left arm and leg using some kind of inner tire rubber. My weak muscle do improve and am also using dumb bell to further extend the training. My question is : Do you have any experience in helping a person with mild stroke, and given the situation what set of movements should I use in order to strengthen the targeted muscle ?
    Thank you for your kind attention.

    Best Regards,

    Anton Zackaria


      1. Dear Victor,

        I will consult my doctor first then proceed with training. Thank you for giving your valuable opinion.




      1. hi there victor. I’m from Scotland and myself and 3 of my friends are planning Riga for new year 2013/2014.
        I’m wondering if you could tell me if it is cheap to visit, especially for food and drink.
        thank you, Phil.


        1. Hi Phil,

          Riga can not be called a cheap city, but I will tell you that the nearby Tallinn is more expensive.

          Price per night in a nice hotel in walking distance to the old center of Riga starts from 70 Euros per night, but breakfast will be excellent; I think in Glasgow it would be more expensive. Riga is not exactly a dream of shopper, electronic and clothing are on 20% more expensive than in Switzerland, which is not cheap country.

          As for restaurants, there are the average European prices in Riga: lunch for two with beer or wine will cost 100 euros, but many restaurants have a budget version – a set menu of the day.

          However, I would suggest you to visit, at least once, a gastronomic landmark of Riga -“Entertainment Centre LIDO” on Krasta jela, 76. You can get there by 3, 7 or 9 tram, or bus 12; the centre is open daily from 11:00 to 24:00. The colorful national interiors, beer cellar (beer from its own brewery), a bistro, a buffet, live music every night – tasty and inexpensive (near 20 Euros for one with the excellent bear), I recommend.

          In the old town you can find small express restaurants of the same network: LIDO VERMANITIS on Elizabetes jela, 65, and LIDO DZIRNAVAS on Dzirnavu jela 74/76.


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