Castles in Switzerland: Oberhofen Castle


Castles in Switzerland. Oberhofen Castle.

Oberhofen Castle. Switzerland.

Most fans of ancient castles travel around Great Britain, France, and Germany, but few of them know anything about Swiss castles. Of course, the best things in Switzerland are nature—wonderful mountain peaks and lakes, endless forests, and flower meadows—and surprisingly low prices… The latter was a joke. But I think it’s fair to say that dozens of well-preserved castles perfectly complement the Alpine landscape.

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Two Wonderful Excursions: Swiss Cheese and Swiss Chocolate


Gruyeres quiche. Gruyeres, Switzerland.

Gruyeres quiche. Gruyeres, Switzerland.

I am not sure what is the biggest source of pride for the Swiss: Swiss cheeses or Swiss chocolate. In Switzerland, they proudly say that they are the first in the world for the consumption of chocolate per capita. However, I don’t think they are far behind for Swiss cheese consumption. And for sure, these are not the residents of Gruyeres!

Gruyeres is one of the most interesting places to visit in Switzerland. Here, you will find at least three tourist attractions: a Swiss cheese plant; the factory of Swiss premium chocolate, Maison Cailler; and the beautiful Swiss Alps all around. Going to this country, we knew exactly what to do in Switzerland, and that on arrival to this country we would go on a chocolate-cheese diet.

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Summer Solstice Celebration in Gruyeres, Switzerland

Knight with armor-bearer. Gruyeres feast. Switzerland.

Knight with armor-bearer. Summer solstice celebration in Gruyeres, Switzerland.

We wanted to visit Switzerland long ago, but we didn’t know what we could find there that was interesting. However, after a wonderful time at the Venice Carnival, the wish to see other medieval festivals in Europe suggested a solution. St. John’s Day in Gruyères, Switzerland, is held in June and coincides with the summer solstice.

For our distant ancestors in pre-Christian times, the summer solstice was the main celebration of the year. Seems, it was time for us now to follow tradition and jump over a ritual bonfire hand in hand.

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