Fairytale about a Billionaire and His El Gouna in Egypt


El Gouna, Egypt.

El Gouna, Egypt.

A billionaire lived in the desert, and like many billionaires he was bored, constantly thinking how to spend his money. Sure enough, he traveled a lot and had seen many beautiful places in the world, but once upon a time, he came to Venice, Italy, and fell in love with this amazing and unusual city. (Hell, who wouldn’t?) Then, he decided to build a second Venice in his motherland, Egypt, and call it El Gouna, the Star.

The shore of the Egyptian Red Sea has no natural lagoons. That’s why Samih Sawiris, our creative billionaire, decided “to carve” them right into the desert coast not far from the city of Hurghada. Definitely, it was not only a dream, but also a business project, and he chose a coast with a rich coral reef. He dug canals in the desert and created artificial islands, peninsulas, and lagoons where the city of El Gouna was built. All the channels were dug by hand (not by Mr. Sawiris, of course).

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The Abandoned Villa of Sheraton Sharm El Sheikh

By Victor and Irina.

Autumn in Egypt is as colorful as in Europe, but we definitely prefer Egypt. What a sea color. Even the sand is bright. What a variety of colors under the sea!

One of the endless beaches of Taba Heights. Egypt.

One of the endless beaches of Taba Heights, Egypt.

A coral reef of Taba Heights, Egypt.

October-November might be the best time for visiting Egypt for snorkeling and excursions. It is not so hot in Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Taba Heights, or Sharm El Sheikh, but the sea is still soft and warm.

This time, we decided to explore a tourist region new to us, and traveled to Taba Heights. This is the best place for excursions to Jordanian Petra and Israel. It is only 20-30 km to the border with Israel, and a ferry to Jordan is only 40 minutes. We were not able to deny ourselves such a pleasure.

Taba Heights, Egypt, is the best place for excursions to Israel and Jordanian Petra.

Taba Heights is the best place for excursions to Israel and Jordanian Petra

Taba Heights can be called an oasis of Sinai: beautiful hotels are surrounded by mountains, wide sandy beaches, and turquoise waters.

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Grand Day in Egyptian Luxor Temple

Egypt Luxor with its temples is probably one of the biggest open museums in the whole world. There is no other place on the Earth with such number and preservation of monuments. Unfortunately, today is not the best time to go to Egypt, so all I can do is thinking back of these wonders, lost in sand by running over some old photos of them.

Egypt Luxor Temple

The columns of Luxor Temple, Egypt

Egypt Luxor Temple

Egypt Luxor Temple

It seems like Luxor has always been a tourist center. Even during the Greek and the Roman times Luxor Temple attracted foreigners from all over the world. Millenniums are gone – nothing changed 🙂
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