The Annual Family Holidays in England


Do you remember your family holidays near the sea? No?
Then read this wonderful post by Andrew Petcher.
That will take you back to your childhood.


Family holiday

By Andrew Petcher.

When I was a boy in the 1950s and 1960s family holidays came once a year and were rotated tri-annually between a caravan in Norfolk, a caravan in Cornwall and a caravan in Wales. I’m not being ungrateful because these holidays were great fun and in those days it was all that my parents could afford.

Bad weather didn’t stop us going to the beach however and even if it was blowing a howling gale or there was some drizzle in the air we would be off to enjoy the sea. If the weather was really bad we would put up a windbreak and huddle together inside it to try and keep warm.

Most of the time it was necessary to keep a woolly jumper on and in extreme cases a hat as well and Wellington boots were quite normal. As soon as the temperature reached about five degrees centigrade or just slightly below we would be stripped off and sent for a dip in the wickedly cold North Sea in a sort of endurance test that I believe is even considered too tough to be included as part of Royal Marine Commando basic training.

In the sea

Read the full post on the Andrew’s blog…
You will get a real pleasure.

How to Visit Dubrovnik, Croatia, in Snow


Dubrovnik in snow, Croatia.

Dubrovnik in snow, Croatia.

Do you recognize this view? No? It’s Dubrovnik, but in snow, which is a big rarity for this southern city. Usually, Dubrovnik is full of sun and heat. This is perhaps the most beautiful city of Croatia and certainly one of the most handsome in Europe. Below, you will see its photographs with and without snow.

Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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The Emerald River of Lech in Fuessen, Bavaria


The river of Lech, Fuessen, Bavaria, Germany.

The river of Lech, Fuessen, Bavaria, Germany.

Every morning, an old Bavarian wakes up in his tiny, but comfortable flat near St. Mang’s Abbey in the old part of Fuessen, Bavaria. He drinks a strong black coffee that he always buys in Montenegro during summer vacations. Unfortunately, his beautiful Bavaria doesn’t have good coffee. Then he goes to stroll along his favorite river, the emerald river of Lech, a wonder of Fuessen. Why emerald? Because its water is emerald green.

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