Halkidiki Beaches, Greece: Where to Go and Where Not!

One of the Halkidiki beaches, Greece.

The Halkidiki Peninsula is “Poseidon’s trident” which consists of three smaller peninsulas: Kassandra, Sithonia, and Athos. They are about 100 km from the Thessaloniki airport. Athos is the place of religious tourism, Kassandra is suitable for non-poor young people and tourists with children, which means it can be noisy. We hypothesized that the Sithonia Peninsula would be the perfect choice for relaxing holidays. It was a mistake.

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Greek-Crusaders Rhodes: City and Island


Medieval walls of Rhodes city, Greece.

Medieval walls of Rhodes, Greece.

April. Does it really matter that swimming season doesn’t really start for another two months? Here, you always breathe sea air, the sun shines brightly even in winter, and two seas “embrace” the beautiful island of Rhodes, Greece. Almost every Greek island has its own ancient history, special coloring, and antique attractions, but Rhodes stands out from them. Well, what do you know about this tiny island?

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Magical Estonian Maritime Museum, Seaplane Harbour


The Lembit submarine in the Estonian Maritime Museum, Tallinn.

The Lembit submarine in the Estonian Maritime Museum, Tallinn.

A museum must be a calm and sacred place. It must have many walls for numerous masterpieces: paintings, engravings, frescoes, mosaics…. It must have high ceilings to allow gigantic statues from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, or Mesopotamia to be placed here and there. You cannot run or jump in a museum, and of course you cannot touch its exhibits. Moreover, in some museums, you are not even allowed to take photographs. Right? Not always!

Would you like to:

  • let your children run and jump in a museum (and even fly in a flight simulator)?
  • visit a real submarine made in 1936?
  • look at an antique submarine which had a hand engine?
  • sit in a real navy anti-aircraft gun and even control it?
  • go down to the engine room of a real icebreaker that broke ice in the Baltic Sea from 1914, and visit several navy ships nearby?
  • drink a little champagne in a café surrounded by the sound effects of an air attack before inspection of the museum exposition?

If so, you should visit the Seaplane Harbour (Estonian Maritime Museum) in Tallinn, Estonia.

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