Koh Samui, Thailand. Not the Maldives, but Still Paradise!

Or what to do on Koh Samui.

New Star Beach Resort. Koh Samui. Thailand.

New Star Beach Resort. Koh Samui. Thailand.

Actually, I would gladly have spent two weeks in Europe, but Irina said that after the long winter, every girl needs some bright sun, the sea, and at least a hundred massages in the bargain. So, we flew to Koh Samui, Thailand.

We have not been there in seven years, and now we come out of the plane that landed in a familiar airport in the middle of the Gulf of Siam in the Pacific Ocean. Well, well. Over these years, walls have not been built here—there are trunks of coconut trees instead—and the airport roof is still made from banana leaves. Koh Samui Airport is very unusual.

The runway has not been extended either, and the airport of Koh Samui does not take big airplanes. To get to the Thai paradise from Europe, you need nearly 20 hours with a transfer in Bangkok. It is far and hard. However, can a paradise be easily accessible?

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Excursions in Phuket or Let Me Be Your Tour Guide

This time we had some little more days to spend for the vacation, and so we decided to get to know Thailand better instead of just taking sun baths and swimming. We chose several excursions, so let me be your Phuket tour guide for a while. 🙂

One of the islands of the Phi Phi group. Thailand.

We left snowy Europe under the airplane wing. It’s a pity that we will see the same -4 degrees on our return back home. And luckily there are such warm and sunny islands as Phuket with tender sea and again ripened mangos.

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One of the Best Beaches in Phuket: Laem Sing Beach

By Irina

Phuket Island, Tailand.
As my husband summarized our trip to Thailand, “I want a small house on the coast of the Andaman Sea”. And as for this moment our own house in Thailand is improbable, we should have chosen a hotel at one of the best Phuket’s beaches.

Two dozen of beaches belt the island – big and small, and all of them are so different in grade. Popular beaches in Phuket are very similar in one feature: there is no room to swing a cat during the season, and at least some kind of privacy means a lot to us.

Andaman Sea, Thailand

Such beaches can only be found in the neighborhood islands; however Phuket still keeps such a secluded spots, which sometimes called Phuket secret beaches.

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