Why Sailing and Why the Island of Rhodes?

The island of Rhodes, Greece.

The island of Rhodes, Greece.

Did you ever wonder why sailing is so appealing? It is attractive even for people who cannot travel by yacht a few minutes without Dramamine. It is attractive even for people who cannot swim, and who are afraid of the sea. But most of all, sailing, yachts, and the sea are attractive for people who have never seen them except on pictures or in the movies.

What can be more beautiful than a snow-white sailboat, full sail entering the blue bay? Looking at such a beautiful view, almost every one of us thinks about what we have not done in our life, or “What am I doing here?” “Why am I not on this sailboat?” or at least we recall our childhood dreams.

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Probably, the Robinson Club Maldives will be Destroyed


Coral Reef of the Robinson Club Maldives. The island of Funamadua, Gaafu Alifu Atoll.

Coral Reef of the island of Funamadua, Gaafu Alifu Atoll, the Maldives.

Everything is nearly perfect on this tiny tropical island located about 67 km from the equator in the Indian Ocean. It has a beautiful coral reef with a very active underwater life, exotic jungles among beach and garden villas, white sand, blue sky, emerald water, fantastic sunrises and sunsets—everything you imagine when someone says the magical word “Maldives.” However, chances are that excluding sunrises and sunsets, the rest of the local beauty will be destroyed in the near future. Why?

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Lessons of Survival While Traveling to China

Beijing, China.

Have not you been to China yet? That is unfortunate. This country is worth a visit, if only for one thing: the Great Wall. We visited China two times with a break of ten years, but we were still shocked by some things.

The country is unique. Think paper, gunpowder, compass, porcelain—all these things were invented here. Ten years ago, I would not have imagined it, but now, I write this blog post on a tablet PC made in China, and drink coffee brewed in a coffee machine also made there. The citizens of Beijing joke that new electronic devices appear in their home more often than in Bill Gates’ home and become obsolete in two weeks. That may be, but many things in China are immutable. The country of liars is waiting for you.

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