Tiny Bruges—Plenty of Attractions

The Burg Square at night. Bruges, Belgium.

It is funny, but there are no attractions in Bruges…almost! The main sightseeing in Bruges is BRUGES ITSELF!

The whole old city is named as a UNESCO World Heritage site: its streets, gardens, towers, bridges, seafronts, churches, swans, restaurants, and chocolate shops. Bruges reminds me of a precious casket, accurately and scrupulously carved from stone, water, and greenery by some extraordinarily talented giant and left at the channel network.

You may walk throughout the city, and after any turn, in any lane, and on any waterfront you can expect an unspeakably charming sight which forces your photo-camera to work, work, and work.

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Stunning Interiors of Bruges’ Churches

Elegant interior of the St. Walburga Church in Bruges, Belgium.

Elegant interior of the St. Walburga Church. Bruges, Belgium.

I always thought that the severe asceticism of Catholic churches (unlike Orthodox churches) was the general rule. Indeed, plenty of gold should not interrupt your private talking with God. It was ascetic in Notre-Dame de Paris, Riga Cathedral, Milan Cathedral, or Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower in Florence.

We even entered the bright and merry cathedral of Florence. It was a bad idea. There, asceticism was driven to extremes. It seemed like the interior of the cathedral simply was not finished. It was too grim. Therefore, a real culture shock was waiting for us in Bruges, Belgium, when we entered the St. Walburga Church.

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Bruges in Photographs. Day and Night

It was our first experience of living in Bruges, Belgium, and our first night photo session with tripod.

Photo of Bruges

Bruges photo

Later, while checking our photograps, we found that some photos turned out to be paired: day and night.

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