Quinta da Regaleira as My Internal World in Sintra


Quinta da Regaleira. Sintra, Portugal.

Quinta da Regaleira. Sintra, Portugal.

Good evening. I am Doctor António Augusto Carvalho Monteiro, and I am one those people who are called a lucky man. Right from my birth in Brazil, I had all that a human being needs for a happy life. My Portuguese parents were rich and healthy, and I was a rich and healthy boy. Later, I was sent to my historical motherland, Portugal, to study in the University of Coimbra. Graduated in law, I returned to Brazil to make from my parents’ money, much more money, by trading in coffee and precious stones. One day, people gave me the nickname, Millionaire. Was it enjoyable? Maybe, but every day I remembered my student life in Coimbra; it was more enjoyable and interesting.

My friend Luigi Manini and I often sat in a cafe talking about Templars, Rosicrucians, Masons, etc. Esotericism is a very interesting topic. No one knows for sure what is it, where is it, and how is it. Everyone can say what he thinks and no one can catch him in a lie. How could we know that in the future all our conversations would result in the birth of the unique garden, villa, and chapel in the town of Sintra, Portugal; our Palácio da Regaleira would be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and people would remember me not as Monteiro the Millionaire, but as doctor Carvalho Monteiro, the creator of one of the most unusual and mystical gardens in the world?

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Monsanto: the Most NON-typical Portuguese Village

In the medieval Monsanto Village. Portugal.

In 1938, the Portuguese gave the village of Monsanto the title of “the most Portuguese village of Portugal.” It is strange. During this visit to Portugal, we drove about 1.500 km exploring the historic places of Idanha-a-Velha and other central provinces of Portugal, and never saw anything similar to this “typical” Portuguese village. All other Portuguese villages and towns, at least in these regions, are made of white stone from roofs to sidewalks.

Monsanto Village is unique both for Portugal and Europe. The village seems not to have changed since medieval times. It is a museum like the Belgian town Bruges. I’d say this is the most NON-typical village in Portugal.

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Ines de Castro: Coronation of the Dead Queen


The Abbey of Santa Maria of Alcobaca. Portugal.

Abbey of Santa Maria of Alcobaca

He took the body of his beloved woman out of the grave, dressed her in queen’s clothing, sat her on the throne, knelt in front of her, kissed her dead dried hand, and ordered all his vassals to do the same. “She is my queen eight years already. Now she is your queen too.” No one dared to object to King Pedro I of Portugal, and Ines de Castro became the Queen of Portugal ten years after her brutal murder. She died at age 30.

But before this, a bloody love affair took place. Today, every schoolchild in Portugal knows the story.

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