Fact in Common Between the White House and the Diocletian Palace

Do you know one fact in common for the White House in Washington that was built in 1800, and the Palace of Emperor Diocletian in Croatian Split erected in distant 305?

The White House, USA

The White House, USA.

Probably, the White House for the Americans is an embodiment of power, stability, and prosperity. It is one of the symbols of American statehood, endowed with the same significance as the stars and stripes on the flag. The White House will be 212 years old this year.

However, one has to agree that the White House is not a traditional building for modern America. It is a residence constructed in the style of early Classicism characterized by the adherence to the strict principles of symmetry and classical architecture born in Ancient Greece and Rome. But it is not the only historic parallel associated with this American symbol.

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Our Sailing in Croatia

By Irina.

Do you remember the famous Eastern aphorism “Be careful with your wishes—sometimes they come true”? That is how I was going to entitle this story. However, today we will speak about sailing in Croatia, Croatian cities, islands, and people.

City of Hvar. Croatia.

Sailing in the Adriatic Sea. Croatia.

For some time, my dearest served in the navy. From time to time, he told me romantic stories about the sea, dolphins, sailing, and the wind blowing in your face. So, what would you give such a man on his birthday: yet another wrist watch or new mobile phone? I chose a sailing trip.

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Recipe for Trogir, Croatia

Take three white-stone Christian quarters of Jerusalem, minimize them twofold, then add a pinch of Bruges and a little bit of Venice. Complement this mix with perfect meat, seafood dishes, and the delicious Croatian white wine Malvasia—and you will have the medieval seaside town of Trogir in Croatia.

Trogir at night, Croatia.

Trogir at night

One of the medieval streets of Trogir, Croatia.

One of the medieval streets of Trogir

Trogir traces its history from antique times, when it was called Tragurion, and was founded by the Greeks in 3rd century BC. Then, it grew into a big port.

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