Plitvice Lakes—An Obstacle Course on the Way to Water Paradise

Water, lakes, waterfalls, and forests can be found in other places, but
Plitvice Lakes are unique in the whole world.

—Ivo Pevalek

Galovac waterfall. Upper Lakes. Plitvice Lake National Park. Croatia.

Galovac waterfall. Upper Lakes. Plitvice Lake National Park. Croatia.

I don’t know how we managed to leave the Adriatic Sea and the wonderful Croatian white wine Malvasia in order to personally check out the perfection and uniqueness of Plitvice Lakes, the most famous national park of Croatia. Why did we do it? Why are these Plitvice Lakes worth visiting?

What do you think about the prospect of spending the whole day in a territory filled with more than 16 large and small lakes, 140 waterfalls, and 20 caves? Moreover, you probably have never breathed such air. Being located at an elevation of 1,200 meters above sea level and having a beech and pine forests, Plitvice Lakes is a real empire of clear water and air. It is a self-healing ecosystem where new waterfalls are born every year.

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Why You Will Love Summer Rovinj

Without a doubt, it is great to live on a beautiful lonely island in the sea in a comfortable hotel where everything you need is ready for you. You don’t have anything to worry about. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, bar, beach, chaise lounge, shower, SPA, air conditioning system, sport—everything is at your disposal. But this whole infrastructure could be moved to any other place near the sea, and you wouldn’t feel the difference. Whatever country, sea, or city it was, what language the locals spoke—it will not be stored in your memory.

View of Rovinj from Sveta Katarina Island. Istria, Croatia.

View of Rovinj from Sveta Katarina Island

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Cozy Prison at Spanjola Fortress of Hvar

Spanjola Fortress dominates above the picturesque town Hvar, located on the same-named Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea, and could be seen from all sides day and night.

Spanjola Fortress, Hvar, Croatia

Spanjola Fortress in Hvar, Croatia

On a way to it we went up tiny medieval Hvar streets, starting from the central square – the biggest medieval square in Croatia.

Medieval square in  Hvar, Croatia

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