A Surprise on Serendipity Beach, Cambodia

Cambodia is a poor country, but…

Once upon a time, we have forgotten one little thing in a cafe on Serendipity Beach (it is the “beach of eating” in Sihanoukville, Cambodia). The thing was not expensive, but very necessary. Seven dollars—trifle, but it is a big sum for Cambodians.

Next evening we were going along the same beach seeking where to eat tonight. (We did not eat in our 5* hotel because we want to feel local exotic.)

The sunset on Serendipity Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

The sunset on Serendipity Beach

Suddenly some boy about 10 years old pulled us out of the flow of tourists. He was served barracuda steaks for us yesterday.

Cambodian BBQ on Serendipity Beach, Sihanoukville

This is not a simple BBQ. This is a BBQ in a foil and with special sauce

“Hello. You have been here yesterday and have forgotten something.” He went out somewhere, returned and brought our little thing. 🙂

We were veeeeery surprised.

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“Breathtaking” Excursion from Sihanoukville, Cambodia

There are few exotic attractions in the only local town called Sihanoukville; however, some tiny firms propose to go to the islands to see turtles and dolphins. So, we came.

Two hours on board of a frail, creaking, wood antique “speed-boat” which jumped on the waves up and down.

Excursion from Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

On board of the ship during excursion from Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

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Banteay Srey Temple—Genuine Cambodian Woman

This Camdodian temple is undoubtedly a woman. You realize it even before finding out the translation of its name. Banteay Srey means a refuge of women. It was built for them.

Banteay Srey Temple. Cambodia.

Banteay Srey Temple. Cambodia.

It is small and elegant like a genuine woman.
Every line is well balanced, every angle is magnetic.
It is neat and clean like a genuine woman.

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