Tiny Bruges—Plenty of Attractions

– It is funny, but there are no attractions in Bruges…almost! The main sightseeing in Bruges is BRUGES ITSELF! The whole old city is named as a UNESCO World Heritage site: its streets, gardens, towers, bridges, seafronts, churches, swans, restaurants, and chocolate shops. Bruges reminds me of a precious casket, accurately and scrupulously carved from… Read More Tiny Bruges—Plenty of Attractions

Stunning Interiors of Bruges’ Churches

It was unbelievably clean, spacious, and stylish inside of the St. Walburga Church. Bruges, Belgium, without rampant colors. Simple, but incredibly pleasant just like the little black dress by Coco Chanel with the Eye of Time brooch by Salvador Dali.… Read More Stunning Interiors of Bruges’ Churches