Austrian Cuisine or 100 Points in Favor of Croatia

Have you ever heard something like: “We’re going to Germany for a week – to eat something German?» It’s the same about traditional Austrian cuisine. I have really got earful with that Wiener Schnitzel. Well, I tried it. Even thrice just to make sure. And for different costs…

Wiener schnitzel in Salzburg

Hey guys, do you know that there are plenty of flavorings and spices, except of salt, pepper and vinegar? Nope?! Well, go to Italy then, it’s not that far from you. 🙂 Learn from the Italians. You have a perfect high quality meat, but this is not enough. You should be able to cook it properly!

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Bad Hofgastein: Ski and Alpentherme Paradise

Our plain reversed and the chassis touched the takeoff stripe – we are back to Vienna. But we won’t stay here at all for today – our target is Bad Hofgastein – ski and alpentherme paradise.

720 km of splendid Austrian roads ahead. Here we can see Alps already.

Austrian Alps

Beautiful! What can be greater then a mountains!

Bad Hofgastein in Alps

OK. What for should a non-ski persones visit a ski Mecca?
Here’s the answer: for sun, air and water.

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