Excursions in Phuket or Let Me Be Your Tour Guide

This time we had some little more days to spend for the vacation, and so we decided to get to know Thailand better instead of just taking sun baths and swimming. We chose several excursions, so let me be your Phuket tour guide for a while. 🙂

One of the islands of the Phi Phi group. Thailand.

We left snowy Europe under the airplane wing. It’s a pity that we will see the same -4 degrees on our return back home. And luckily there are such warm and sunny islands as Phuket with tender sea and again ripened mangos.

Kata Beach Resort on the same-called Kata Beach, Phuket Island, Thailand.

We stayed at Kata Beach Resort on the same-called Kata Beach. The beach itself is quite small, and it is deemed to be cozier then at the neighborhood Karon Beach.

Is it small? Yes, it is.

When we first came there after the landing – in the high sunny day – it seemed to be Varadero and Cancun pulled together! 🙂 Small and really cozy places can only be found on the islands or in the northern provinces of Phuket Island.

The nature of Phi Phi Ley, Thailand.

The flora of Phi Phi Ley, Thailand.

We love Phuket for the smiling local people, for warm and pure sea, for hot sand and exotic for us, the Europeans, fruits; and the Thai cuisine may win a heart of any foodie. But to be honest, we think this cuisine got worst a bit, being adapted to numerous European and American guests, and lost something.

Lobster, Phuket Island, Thailand.

But You can never get bored in Thailand! A day for acclimatization, and your personal Phuket tour guide is on-to-go, let’s start.

Phi Phi Ley, Thailand.

First we are going to visit Phi Phi Island by speedboat, to see amazing Maya Bay, famous by setting on the movie called The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio, with your own eyes. Before the departure I would recommend to stay in the recess of the speedboat, especially if you have delicate light skin, in other way you will get sunburned on a way to the spot already.

We are here. Incredible emerald-green water, snow-white sand and fabulous nature.

Phi Phi Ley, Thailand.

Phi Phi Ley, Thailand.

But as for the other side of the story: speedboats convoys bring plenty of tourists to the tiny Maya Bay from morning to evening today. This place is worth seeing, but generally, we prefer more secluded spots.
During this excursion we will hit the neighborhood island for a while to walk through the Monkey Beach. We liked it a lot – there are little monkeys with clever eyes and many of them have had a babies.

The Monkey Island. Thailand.

The Monkey Island. Thailand.

In the second part of the day all snorkelling fans, including your Phuket tour guide, were intended to get into the water! According to the excursion leaflet we were offered with “fantastic life and perfect snorkelling with the beautiful coral reef”, and usually we never miss such places. Alas, the undersea world is absolutely poor here. Probably, divers may find in here some inexpressible amenities, but it is definitely hidden from the snorkelling fans. I can only mention Crown of thorns starfish as a worth photo catch. It was like a blue-black double star, we have never met such either in Egypt or on The Maldives. But we took some really nice pictures.

Sea Star, Phuket, Thailand.

Corals of Andaman Sea. Phuket, Thailand.

Sea ​​gulls. Phuket, Thailand.

Where should you go further? The variety of excursions here is great; it’s hard to decide for a beginner. In order to see as much as possible in Phuket, we decided to go to the combined trip 4 in 1 Khao Lak Bamboo rafting. We were going to the north of Phuket, not so massively packed with tourists with its long and solitary beaches. About a hundred kilometers on the way and we reached Phang Nga Province.

The first number of the excursion program was Bamboo rafting. Apart from the bamboo rafting today we are going to visit the turtles’ farm, the memorial to the dreadful tsunami happened in 2004, and finally we’ll ride the elephants.

Bamboo rafting. Phuket, Thailand.

We test the buoyancy of this miracle of the shipping thoughts and loading the bamboo floats in couples; each couple has its own rower. Let’s go!

I should say that the river has become significantly shallower, just as the neighborhood Waterfall Ton Pling – there won’t be no adrenaline rush, but resting near the water (or better to say IN the water) is always pleasant.

It is really beautiful in here; in these palm jungles, you feel a bit like a path-breaker away from the noisy resorts, but at the same time you know that the civilization is close to you.

Bamboo rafting. Phuket, Thailand.

The flore of Phuket, Thailand.

Nice? And now the reality.

Draw a bath with two centimeters of water and get into it. This is how you are going to find yourself at the float. What about the exotic animals? Once our captain happily pointed at the riverside – Look, a frog! Wow! – We admired just in order not to let him down. Really – it was a green frog not bigger than a walnut. There are plenty of such frogs and even much bigger in any European or American backwater.

Your Phuket tour guide has thoroughly soaked during this excursion! You won’t escape it, so just put on something that dries rapidly and do not forget a towel.

Victor Tribunsky. Bamboo rafting. Phuket, Thailand.

Bamboo rafting. Phuket, Thailand.

The raft is not never dry

Phuket Excursion was going on. Turtles farm in Thai Muang. I guess if you are not an oceanographer, you may smoothly miss this part of the program. Yes, people are engaged into some honourable activity in here – they preserve, raise and then release the turtles. But all you will be able to see are dozens of huge concrete reservoirs with various sea inhabitants: turtles, sea bass, red snappers, clown Anemone fish, big nose unicorn fish, small nose boxfish saddle-backed Anemone fish and many more.

They are all our Egyptian and Maldivian old friends, but it is quite a different story – seeing them in the real environment.

And maybe the problem is that your I expected to see the giant Galapagos turtles. 🙂

Our excursion continues. On a way to the Elephant Camp in Khao Lak you will see the monument in honour of victims of that destructive tsunami, crushed down upon Phuket in the last December days of 2004. This is the moment when you get an idea of the savage power of the tsunami.

These frames were spread all over the world; do you recognize this coast guard vessel? The marine police vessel Tor 813 with its thirty-person crew was thrown 2 miles away from the shore by the water, nobody survived. It stays here at Bang Niang, Khao Lak, as a reminder – the nature is stronger than a man.

The marine police vessel Tor813, Phuket, Thailand.

The history of the marine police vessel Tor813, Phuket, Thailand

Riding the elephants is such a positive! In spite of the size and the power, an elephant will gently and graciously ride you through the jungles. This kind giant has childish habits; it is always ready to turn off the way, noticing brushwood of young bamboo. Elephants really seem to like these shoots.

While you are enjoying such a new experience, an elephant-driver will make such a souvenir for your lady.

Тandmade souvenir. Phuket, Thailand.

We amusedly expressed our gratitude to the kind elephant with a couple of bundles of bananas. Take care of your hands!

Feeding of elefants. Phuket, Thailand.

And let’s feed little elephants in the end! These little cartoon-cutes in tender years prefer not bananas, but huge cucumbers.

Feeding of the elefants' baby. Phuket, Thailand.

Feeding of the elefants' baby. Phuket, Thailand.

Welcome to Thailand:
One of Best Beaches in Phuket: Laem Sing Beach

34 Responses to “Excursions in Phuket or Let Me Be Your Tour Guide”

  1. Andrew Petcher Says:

    Thanks Victor – this is a place firmly on my to visit list – when is the best time to go?


  2. Trinity Rivers Says:

    What a great tour! Thank you for sharing.


  3. ruthincolorado Says:

    Great tour, Victor! The monkey photo (the one eating) is priceless. How did you keep your camera dry while on the raft?


  4. Lani Says:

    Wonderful post, Victor!


  5. Leigh McAdam (@hikebiketravel) Says:

    Sounds like you covered a lot of ground in short order. It’s always hard to go back after a holiday like this to the grey skies – and rain. Enjoy it while you can.


  6. inspiredadornations Says:

    Such great photographs! Thanks for sharing Victor!


  7. gkm2011 Says:

    We went a couple of years ago and did the sun/beach/sand route, which I enjoyed, but getting off the beaten path looks fun too!


  8. Little Fingers Says:

    As usual wonder pictures and lovely travelogue 🙂


  9. Naresh Ramadurai Says:

    Phuket is a great place, love the beaches and seafood there. You’ve travelled to some great places around the world. Thats awesome. Enjoy and keep travelling more 🙂


    • Victor Tribunsky Says:

      Thank you Naresh.


      • Carolyn Montgomery Says:

        Hi Victor, your blog is really interesting and informative, thank you.

        I wanted to ask your advice if possible: I am looking to spend just a few days in Phuket and then head on to Koh Samui in November but am having real difficulty in deciding which part of Phuket to stay in. It will be me, my husband and our baby who will be 2 years old by then. We previously stayed right in the hustle and bustle of Chaweng at a hotel called The Library when we last visited about 4 years ago and loved the fact that it was a hip and modern hotel yet right in the middle of the action. I love people watching and being able to step out of the hotel and eat cheap local food and mooch around the shops. Is there any particular part of Phuket that you’d recommend for more of the same?

        My research seems to lean towards Kata but I’m concerned the town might be too small but the beach seems to be white sand with clear waters (good for the baby). Any advice from a well seasoned traveller would be much appreciated! Thanks, Carolyn


        • Victor Tribunsky Says:

          I also rested on Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui, once, and I must say it is better than Phuket. The sand is not so white on Phuket, the water is not always clear…

          The beach and the town Kata are not very big, but there is a place for walking: shops, ice cream salons, massage salons, Thai restaurants – all concentrated in one place. There are plenty of hotels, but only Kata Beach Resort & SPA is on the beach, where we were staying. The hotel is nice, but decorated in a national color, and I recommend taking only Deluxe rooms. Right behind it, a little up the hill, there are many hotels including those made in contemporary style. A sea view from the hill will be probably great, but the way to the beach will be longer.

          We did not like very tangible waves on Kata Beach. This is a difficult for the swimming beach, at least in February. For this reason, the next time we changed it to Kamala Beach. The roll of the sea is almost not felt there, you can sit for hours in the water, the sand is golden, but the water is less transparent than on the Kate Beach.

          The village Kamala is substantially less than Kate, and there is no shopping, but on this beach there is a promenade along the sea and a candlelight dinner at the tables which can be directly exposed on the sand. The sea is calm and very suitable for children. We lived in Kamala Beach Resort. It is necessary to choose a new building, Wind; the old building is situated on 100 meters closer to the sea, but it is cramped and dark.

          There is a very interesting hotel in the area, Cape Sienna Hotel & Villas.

          Very nice modern hotels are on Surin Beach. Maybe you’ll like Surin Park or Surintra Boutique Resort. And the village itself is greater than Kamala. However, we have not been there yet, but only heard about it.

          For our future trip we looked closely at Kata Noi: there is a perfect emerald water, the sand is gorgeous, but it seems we would have to travel by taxi to Kata Beach for the dinner.


  10. gingamusings Says:

    You look like you had heaps of fun in Phuket! We are certainly enjoying it at the moment too 🙂
    Thanks for the follow on Twitter !


  11. Miranda Says:

    Hi Victor,
    You mentioned your top three cities and it made me think of places close to my heart. Unfortunately, I have yet to travel to Phuket but second at the top of my list of best cities for foodies and adventurers happens to be in Thailand. I spent a week in Chiang Mai and experienced my top three: amazing food, incredible people, and plenty of things to get into. Your photos of Phuket make me want to return to Thailand, sooner rather than later.


  12. Aiden Thomas Says:

    Victor, I am from Bali.. Other than November to February any other will be good to visit here? I am not able to make it between November and February..


  13. thebritishberliner Says:

    Really nice write-up Victor and your photos are really good. Thanks for sharing!


  14. Steffi Carapiet Says:

    Hi Victor, wondering which tours you went on and if you booked ahead or got one when you were there? What tour company? Having a hard time choose a tour guide for phi phi islands for the end of april 🙂 Thanks so much! Love your photos they’re so clear!


    • Victor Tribunsky Says:

      Hello Steffi,

      We don’t use travel companies. We just book a hotel and buy tickets. When you will arrived Thiland, you find a bunch of the local companies which will be very glad to suggest you any excursion. Choose what you like and enjoy.


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