One of the Best Beaches in Phuket: Laem Sing Beach

By Irina

Phuket Island, Tailand.

As my husband summarized our trip to Thailand, “I want a small house on the coast of the Andaman Sea”. And as for this moment our own house in Thailand is improbable, we should have chosen a hotel at one of the best Phuket’s beaches.

Two dozen of beaches belt the island – big and small, and all of them are so different in grade. Popular beaches in Phuket are very similar in one feature: there is no room to swing a cat during the season, and at least some kind of privacy means a lot to us.

Andaman Sea, Thailand

Such beaches can only be found in the neighborhood islands; however Phuket still keeps such a secluded spots, which sometimes called Phuket secret beaches.

On a serpentine road, during a way from the airport to the hotel, when the view at the Kamala Beach opens, we noticed a tiny bay with some quiet beach – a small golden horseshoe with water of amazing colours. So when we reached the hotel, we took a map and found out that the beach was situated between Surin and Kamala Beach and was probably called Laem Sing Beach.

On the next morning we tried to reach it by foot, but the way was blocked by the giant granite boulders.

Kamala Beach, Phuket, Thailand.

Kamala Beach, Phuket, Thailand.

We took a car and 5-7 minutes later were going down the scarp slope to the undoubtedly one of the best beaches of Phuket. Laem Sing Beach, seems a small amphitheatre, hidden among the tropical bushes. A day spent there became a relief in a chain of similar days at the congested Kamala Beach.

Laem Sing Beach, Phuket, Thailand.

Laem Sing Beach, Phuket, Thailand.

A word «Laem» can be translated from the Thai as a cusp. Well, Laem Sing Beach is really situated under the sharp cusp in a tine bay, almost unnoticeable from the roadside. These privacy and isolation assign an inexpressible fascination to this decent 150 meters long patch.

There are boulders lying on the golden sand – so unlike the big neighbourhood beaches Surin and Kamala Beach. But the most important is different – the clarity of water is amazing here!

The water of Laem Sing Beach, Phuket, Thailand.

The right side Laem Sing Beach is perfect for swimming; the water is emerald-green and it’s quite deep at the shore at once, the flow is early and strong. The left side of the beach is stony, like it was created especially for photo shooting.

The left part of Laem Sing Beach, Phuket, Thailand.

Laem Sing Beach, Phuket

On the hill at the end of the bay among the tropical bushes you can see some typical Thai roofs. So we took a little walk to them and decided to locate in that spot next time.

Laem Sing Natural Beach Resort, Phuket, Thailand

Laem Sing Natural Beach Resort, Phuket, Thailand

This turned out to be one of the exclusive hotels in Phuket called Laem Sing Natural Beach Resort – it is beyond our means, so let’s keep it as a dream. But it was a nice walk – here you can enjoy with the best views.

Laem Sing Beach, Phuket, Thailand.

Laem Sing Beach, Phuket

Of course you won’t find absolute privacy here, and especially during the high season. There are a couple of cozy cafes on the beach. The cuisine is perfect, as elsewhere in Thailand, the table wine, but Italian, and what else can you dream of when he’s around?

Cocktail on Phuket, Thailand

The skewers of shrimp and octopus

The skewers of shrimps and octopus

If only I could present him a house on the coast of the Andaman Sea! 🙂

Andaman Sea, Phuket, Thailand.

Sunset in Thailand

25 Responses to “One of the Best Beaches in Phuket: Laem Sing Beach”

  1. tamikadoubell Says:

    STUNNING STUNNING pics!! WOOWWW what a good job! The travel bug has hit me now! Haha! Very inspiring and the water is very blue hey! You have a great blog! You write very well!


  2. Debra Kolkka Says:

    Lovely, but I prefer a beach with surf.


  3. katekingsley89 Says:

    Thank you for sharing! Off to Phuket next week 🙂


  4. adinparadise Says:

    Loved both our visits to Phuket, but never saw this beautiful beach. Gorgeous photos. 🙂


  5. TheTuscan Says:

    Is that green liquid on the plate with the octopus olive oil?


  6. Little Fingers Says:

    They look spectacular 🙂


  7. sonofmountmalang Says:

    The beach that makes me horny:p


  8. Rajat Chauhan Says:

    This is wonderful place thanks for the share and information.


  9. Garden Walk Garden Talk Says:

    Really a beautiful place so expertly captured. Someday… I only recently, within the last two years, decided I liked beach trips. This one looks enticing.


  10. Evon LaGrou Says:

    It is so beautiful there. Nice photos!


  11. Mary Strong-Spaid Says:

    The water is absolutely gorgeous. Wish I was there right now…in the sun.
    Still rather cold and grey here in Virginia, unfortunately.


  12. Danny Says:

    Fantastic pics, thanks for sharing! Another great beach off of Phuket is SIam Bay on Koh Racha. Well worth a visit, it’s so peaceful and beautiful there.


  13. Linda Davies Says:

    I would recommend Phuket island. Last month my husband and I visited Phuket island of Thailand. One of the places we really enjoyed was a Thai Cultural Theme Park – Phuket FantaSea. Every service area there was beautiful and neat. We enjoyed watching their beautiful, costumed parade culminating at an outdoor stage with a Bangok theme show. The place is really somewhat like Disneyland of Thailand! The highlight their main show held at a beautiful Palace of the Elephants Theater. I must say it was pretty amazing, I left overwhelmed by their beautiful culture. International buffet dinner was good, particularly the noodle soup. We remember it as one of our nicest outings in Phuket and do recommend it for a quality evening-into-the-night entertainment. Don’t miss it!


  14. Joost Says:

    Great impressions of Thailand! The Thai islands sure are great!


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