Dozza, Wine, and Painted Walls

That day we were about to move from Florence to Venice, but was stopped by Dozza, the tiny Romagna castle and town near Bologne.


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Dozza had its peak of the growth in XV century thanks to strategical advances of its disposition on the Romagna ways and wise management by Katerina Sforza.

Sforza Family, Dozza, Italy
Sforza Family, Dozza, Italy

Dozza castle

Sforza rebuilt a small town on a hill into a power fortress and used it as a military instrument.

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The history of Italy has numerous of intrigues, and the lands around Dozza were very interesting for neighbors. In 1499, Cesare Borgia has occupied lands of Sforza.

Dozza is microscopic by modern standards. There are two small streets are going apart after the fortress gate. Or this is one, but long and curved? Choise any one and you will get the small red brick castle.

One of Dozza streets
One of Dozza’s streets

One of Dozza streets

Everything here was built in X-XVI centuries and then the time has stopped. Then the walls were given to artists. I’m not shure you will like everything, but at least it’s unusually. New paintings show up here every second year in September. There are near 90 frescoes on walls of Dozza today.

Frescoes on the walls of Dozza
Frescoes on a wall of Dozza

Frescoes on the walls of Dozza

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A big wine cellar is located in the former castle’s dungeons, two halls with red and white wines.

There is a special testing machine. You buy the card as minimum as for 5€, insert it into the machine, choose the wine bottle, held out the glass, push the button, and get 1/3 of the glass. Every sample costs from 0.6 to 1.5 €, so even with the minimal card you can get drunk. We tasted 4-5 samples and leave Dozza with some bottles of Emilia-Romagna wines.

After this trip, we have read in Internet that last three centuries, Dozza is renowned for the wonderful wines, and Rocca Sforzesca castle has not simple testing center, but the museum of wine of the region, Enoteca Regionale.

Enoteca Regionale, Dozza

The local white wines Albana where the first in Italy obtained category DOCG. People are proud of their vineyards and their history, Venetian doges ordered wines here.

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