Our First Trip to Egypt: Sofitel Sharm El Sheikh

We had only three days to rest somewhere, and we chose a trip to Egyptian Sofitel Sharm El Sheikh. Well, this is called “we came to a resort.” Hey, is there anybody alive?!

In the Egyptian desert.

In the Egyptian desert.

First time in the Egyptian desert

I took this picture and then thought: what if somebody lies there?

In the Egyptian desert.

Sweetheart, how did you get there? Do you understand that we are in Egypt for the first time?

In the Egyptian desert.

Well, now it’s better. This is a resort after all.

A room in Sofitel Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

One of the rooms of Sofitel Sharm El Sheikh

The Sofitel Sharm El Sheikh hotel reminds some ancient city. Seems, she will be met by Genie or at least Aladdin.

Sofitel Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

Any trip to Egypt is always a journey to the history. Houses look like Bedouin’s dwellings.

Sofitel Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

She does not afraid of the scorching sun since she used a protective cream. Although she does not tun as fast as me.

I am sorry, lady! You should not jump to the water here. The sea is too far from this point!

Morning fitness in Sofitel Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

Morning fitness in Sofitel Sharm El Sheikh

“Hello, friend.” I was the one who stepped into the water, and it stood watching me with curiosity.

Blue stingray. Red Sea. Egypt.

Evening. Egypt. Blue stingray.

It waited while I took a camera. I guess I should not swim right now. Goodbye, beauty!

Underwater life of the Red Sea, Egypt.

Hi, fellas! Welcome to the aquarium. It’s so hard to believe there is a scorched, dead Egyptian desert outside.

Underwater life of the Red Sea, Egypt.

Underwater “skyscraper”

Underwater “skyscraper.” Everyone is busy. All have a lunch calmly and slow.

Underwater life of the Red Sea, Egypt.

Underwater life of the Red Sea, Egypt.

Amazing impressions! A trip into an aquarium. This guy doesn’t fear. He is toxic.

Underwater life of the Red Sea, Egypt.

Poisonous Pterois volitans. Red Sea, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

Hi. Let me hold your tail for a while?

Big stingray. Red Sea, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

Big stingray. Red Sea, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

This is our yesterday friend, or his brother. I decided not to approach too close this big tail with a huge needle on the end.

I can’t believe I’m shooting all this in the Red Sea, Egypt! Are you sure, this is not the National Geographic film on TV?!

Underwater life of the Red Sea, Egypt.

Now we are going to have lunch.
“Excuse me, sir, but you can’t feed fishes here!”
“Yes, yes, I know.”

Underwater life of the Red Sea, Egypt.

Now we have lunch

It often happens, tourists take a boiled egg or a piece of bread from a breakfast to feed fishes. We made it too.

There is something inside the coral. Who knows is it alive or not, but it is so mystical and beautiful.

Underwater life of the Red Sea, Egypt.

Life exists on the surface as well, sometimes big enough.

Crab. Red Sea, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

Our third day of the trip to Egypt came to end.

Sofitel Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

From Sofitel to an airport, we were escorted by the real stork.

Sofitel Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

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40 Responses to “Our First Trip to Egypt: Sofitel Sharm El Sheikh”

  1. Mike Says:

    Your pictures of the resort and especially underwater are great. Thanks for sharing!


  2. picartso Says:

    Amazing underwater photos, Brilliant, Well Done

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Andrew Petcher Says:

    Nice pictures Victor! I’ve never been to Egypt but would love to see the Pyramids!


  4. anorwen Says:

    All the photos are amazing, especially the underwater ones. Great post! Makes me want to go there 🙂


  5. wolke205 Says:

    Amazing post as always 🙂 I have been only once to Egypt, hope to go back there next year. We have only seen a lil stingray there 😉


  6. sayvan Says:

    Lovely shots…. very nice indeed… what do you use for the underwater shots?


  7. 2 Rivers Photos Says:

    Love the shot of the stingray from outside… always enjoy your story telling via pictures, very light and entertaining 🙂


  8. Ship's Cook Says:

    Fantastic photography as ever Victor

    Liked by 1 person

  9. RedRoadDiaries Says:

    Lovely photos, especially underwater. So it appears it was the two of you, the fish and the stork at this resort. It looks beautiful but empty.


  10. The League of Champions Says:

    Wow, such beautiful pictures! Just goes to show that there’s so much to experience and be grateful for!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. susangreeneye Says:

    Excellent photos! What a beautiful place!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Garden Walk Garden Talk Says:

    Loved your tour to Egypt. It is such beautiful scenery and the underwater shots really do look like Nat Geo. Beautiful, Victor. I am just getting back from Maine and what beautiful scenery here as well. I will catch up on your travels when I get home. So much fun to see these places through your lens. Donna


  13. sharon Says:

    I have been to 27 countries but none of the place you have been…I am too envious!…young and beautiful too….sigh


  14. RDoug Says:

    Some REALLY beautiful photography here, Victor. Love the underwater shots.

    Our only trip to Egypt was the Cairo area and the Pyramids back around ’84, I believe. The kids loved it.


  15. bluebee Says:

    Fabulous photos – I spent time diving off the Sinai coast and slept in the “Hotel of a Million Stars” (out in the open desert around a campfire in our sleeping bags) – best diving and night sky I’ve ever experienced 🙂


  16. memo Says:

    I really hope you enjoyed your stay in Egypt and wish you to come and visit it again, its never enough to visit Egypt. And its always amazing to look at the glorious history all around Egypt. I just hope things go back to normal first ..


  17. Ahmed Fayed @ JakadaToursEgypt Says:

    Egypt is really one of the best places to visit on the entire planet. One, who has been to Egypt more than 15 times, still can keep returning to see something new! Among all the beautiful destinations Giza is most famous in Egypt.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.
    The photos are awesome.



  18. Frank Says:

    Beautiful images Victor. Egypt is a place I’ve never been. Witty commentary 😉


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