Jeep Wrangler Soft Top – Our Sexy Car

We don’t like group excursions. As a rule we rent a car and travel where we want in ever country. Today our war-horse is this Fanny Car. Please meet, Jeep Wrangler with soft top.

Jeep Wrangler soft top

Inside of Jeep Wrangler soft top

It has not alarm, it has not central lock, it has not electric windows, it has not soundproofing, it has not condition system, it has not even a roof… 🙂 It has nothing, but…

It has two things this car could be forgiven for all – Jeep Wrangler has The Face and The Style.

Jeep Wrangler soft top - we are on the road

It is something like cowboy’s car. All the way to Loro Parque I feel myself like colonist moving to Wild West in his old wagon. It impression was supported by the views of South Tenerife.

 Oure Jeep Wrangler on the way to Loro Parque

Jeep Wrangler soft top

Jeep Wrangler with soft top has, perhaps, one more thing – sexuality.

Jeep Wrangler soft top

My wife-navigator demanded to stop somewhere and make a sexy photos within half an hour. (!) Until this time no one rented car has had similar effects. Parked. Made. I will not show you, excuse me 🙂 I’ll show you the couple of views of North Tenerife and Gomera instead.

Tenerife, Canary

Isla La Gomera

By the way, Wrangler runs and rules fairly decently.

Jeep Wrangler soft top - grandfather of all jeeps of the world

Goodbye, ageless and sexy grandfather of all jeeps of the world. I started miss you right in the moment of farewell. But there are not so many places to visit on this island.

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9 Responses to “Jeep Wrangler Soft Top – Our Sexy Car”

  1. Flavorphilia Says:

    I want to be where you guys are! LOL!


  2. Garden Walk Garden Talk Says:

    I had one of them, now I have the big brother. Nice looking ride.


  3. Garden Walk Garden Talk Says:

    Oh, I clicked to fast, love the scenery.


  4. Ship's Cook Says:

    I like Loro Parque, especially Planet Penguin


  5. Country Skipper Says:

    That does look like a fun excursion car! And I love your shot of the mountain with the flower in


  6. whatisnature Says:

    Victor, your Jeep is very Nice.
    I really want to Drive This.


  7. The World Is My Cuttlefish Says:

    Looks perfect for the job of holidaying.


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