To Visit Arizona for Miracle: The Wave at Coyote Buttes

Any American must have very strong reason for visit to Europe, as an European for visit to America. It is far enough and expensive. I seek such a reason for a long time and… Yes! I have found it yesterday, at last! I want to see and take photos of this natural miracle in Arizona—The Wave at Coyote Buttes North.

Visit Arisona for the Wave at Coyote Buttes

Credit: Gabe

People take care of this attraction. Only 20 tourists can visit the Wave during the day—very wise policy. I shouldn’t like to find a touristic crowd there as it was in Angkor Wat, Cambodia. I need to feel the miracle, maybe speak with it (if it will wants). I’d like to remember this day forever and… without people. Sorry. Only me and Natura.

Visit Arisona for The Wave at Coyote Buttes

Credit: Gabe

The surprising fact is that the Wave was completely unknown as recently as 15 years ago!

OK. We’ll book the tickets advance—thank you, Internet—fly to San-Francisco, and then to the city of Page in Arizona near Coyote Butts and Antelope Canyon, which we’d like to visit too. Another one natural miracle.

Visit Arisona for Antelope Canyon

Credit: Luca Galuzzi

It will be our first visit to America, and only for 10 days.

Oh, by the way, may be some of my readers will give me some advices about another attractions in the neighborhood? I’ll be grateful.

In what season is better to visit Arizona? Where we can rent a car near Page? What local food you recommend?

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76 thoughts on “To Visit Arizona for Miracle: The Wave at Coyote Buttes

  1. Hi Victor.
    I’m from Arizona and I travel all around the state (well all around the Colorado Plateau) constantly. Just this year, I have been to Page twice and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon once. I wanted to give you some tips and ideas that made our trip easier and more enjoyable.
    1. Definitely book a trip with a local company to see Antelope Canyon. We used Antelope Canyon Tours and were able to book a reservation online. The tour guide was great and he totally helped me with my camera settings and showed us each and every place and camera angle to take a photo. It’s only a 90 minute tour which is perfect. We did this in late May and it was absolutely perfect. Not that crowded (you want to come after the winter visitors leave . They are usually here from October till about April-ish). Also, for the best light in the canyon book a tour around noon-ish. We did the 9:30 one and when we were walking out we started getting the beautiful shafts of light coming into the canyon.
    2. The Glen Canyon Dam is just about a mile away and offers some really amazing aerial views of the canyon.
    3. Eat at the Ranch House Grille in Page. Wow! Best Green Pork Chili on the planet. I suggest the Huevos Rancheros!
    4. Rent a car and drive out to see the wonder of the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument. Extremely close to Page.
    5. While you are exploring the Vermillion Cliffs, make a day out of it and why not stay over night at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. On the North Rim of the Grand Canyon there is the Grand Canyon Lodge. Gorgeous views of the canyon!! I’ve been to the South Rim and the North Rim. The North Rim is so much better. It takes longer to get there so it’s much less crowded and the drive is definitely worth it. You can look at pics of the Grand Canyon all day, but until you see it for yourself, it just doesn’t hit you. Oh! and bring an empty water bottle and fill it up with fresh Grand Canyon spring water.
    If you are feeling like taking a drive into UT. Let me know. I have lots of suggestions and help for that area of the Colorado Plateau as well. (Places to stay, places to eat, tips, etc.) Also, if you have further questions or want more suggestions and help, let me know. Didn’t want to overwhelm in just one post haha!
    Happy Trails!!


  2. Wonderful pictures! I have wanted to visit The Wave for a long time. There are many wonderful places to shoot landscapes in the West here in the U.S. 🙂 It’s nice that you had the chance to enjoy it. And thanks for stopping by my blog!


  3. Beautiful pics. I’ll have to visit there someday, too. If you’re at Page, you’ll have to pass right through Zion NP, a must see, and you will be close to both Bryce NP and the north rim of the Grand Canyon. I also recommend Monument Valley, UT.

    Safe travels, and thanks for visiting and liking my blog, too.



  4. Thanks for stopping by my little site! I have family in Arizona and never knew about this so thanks for sharing. I’m adding it to my list of places to see although it sounds like I need to plan way ahead if I want to see it!


  5. Love your photo’s, particularly St. Petersburg. I was there in 1993 and your post reminded me how beautiful it is. (Moscow, not so much.) I think you received a lot of good advice about travel to Arizona, all the National Parks are beautiful but you’ll be so near the north rim of the Grand Canyon it should be seen. Bryce Canyon is my next favorite. Here’s the post I wrote with some National Park links. Definitely not the Summer months. Too hot, too crowded.
    Safe travels.


  6. Best season to visit Arizona? Fall. Don’t go during the summer because there is only one person in Arizona during the hot summer months. Everyone else is over here in San Diego at our beaches with our mild Mediterranean weather. lol


  7. I never knew there was a wave in Arizona! But this wave is spectacularly beautiful. I have been to Arizona many times but now need to go back for this.

    I would time your trip for late September into October. Other than that, it will be very hot! Everyone’s suggestions are spot on.


  8. What a wonderful find, Victor! My family and I used to go to all the national parks and sites out west when I was younger, but I assume because it is so hard to get tickets we never went to The Wave. I’ll have to add this one to the list for future trips. Make sure to visit Bryce Canyon while you’re in the SW as well. the Grand Canyon is better known, but in many ways Bryce is much more beautiful. And visit the Arches, too!


  9. My mouth dropped open when I saw these pictures. Arizona is on my agenda when I retrun to the States in December and I’ll make sure not to miss this miracle of nature.


  10. I was recently at Antelope Canyon back in late February. The timing was good for Page. The weather was a bit cool, but certainly not cold. The problem with that time of year is that the sun never gets high enough to shine directly into Antelope Canyon. I think you’re right about May being a good time to go, though maybe a bit earlier to avoid crowds. February is definitely too early for the Grand Canyon – it was very cold, snowy and icy. I get enough of that at home, I hardly need it on vacation! I very much wanted to see The Wave, but I didn’t learn about it soon enough. I’ve heard you need to book up to a year in advance to get a spot amongst the few allowed in each day. We flew in and out of Phoenix and drove all the way up to Page. I agree with one of the other commenters that Sedona is a must see along the way.


  11. I’m so glad you’ll be coming over, but I’m sorry you don’t have 10 weeks instead of 10 days! 🙂 The Wave looks breathtaking. Also, Page is two hours’ drive from Zion, Utah; 4 hours from Moab, Utah; 5 hours from the Valley Of Fire in Nevada — basically, within driving distance of natural beauty that makes tears spring to your eyes.
    The American desert areas are best in spring and fall (I’d pick October or next spring, myself):
    Avis and Hertz car rental agencies are at Page Airport. (I usually use to get the best price on car rentals).
    Here’s the Trip page for Page hotels, and links to other information as well:
    Would you like to see some amazing photographs of the American Southwest by my friend Gary C. Zuercher? Go to his website: then enter the site, click “Valley of Fire” and click “Play Slideshow.” He didn’t Photoshop or change any color on any photograph. You won’t believe your eyes!
    Okay, I didn’t mean to write a book here. I hope all the links work! 🙂 You’re going to have a wonderful time!


  12. You asked for advice to plan you trip. We visited Arizona and Utah parks during April a few years ago. The weather was just about right. Bryce Canyon had snow and was very cold. Fall would also work. Summer is too hot, and winter is probably too cold.
    Here’s how I’d rank the parks we visited:
    1. Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Zion
    4. Canyon de Chelly
    5. Monument Valley
    For airports near Page, I’d start with Las Vegas, Nevada, and Phoenix, Arizona. Budget your time carefully. These places are beautiful, but you’ll drive hours to go from one place to the next.


    1. I agree with Charley. Winter will be too cold and the roads might be difficult to drive if it’s snowing. Summer too hot. May will be good, and September and October will be good. For local food, ask the local people for suggestions (try gas station attendants or hotel clerks, who can tell you the local favourites). Also, look for places with a lot of cars parked in front. I hope your trip is fabulous.


  13. Victor,

    Beautiful photos thank-you for sharing, I hope you enjoy your trip here to the states (for those of us stateside traveling to Europe, while I agree it is expensive it also gives Americans a chance to see history so old something our country can’t provide.) You said your visit is 10 days, what month? This may affect where you want to travel from there in Arizona. These links might help you.

    Thanks for visiting my blog – Truffles Magazine and liking the post on Havasu Falls, Arizona.


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