Our perfect dinner in Sheraton of Dusseldorf Airport

Our last evening in Germany. Tomorrow morning we will leave. As far as there is almost nothing to see in Dusseldorf we decided to have a good dinner at the restaurant of Sheraton hotel at the airport. And for good reason…

The interior

The restaurant Sheraton in Airport of Dusseldorf

The view from the window

The restaurant Sheraton in Airport of Dusseldorf

We had never had a good meal for the whole five days of our travelling over the north-west of Germany, if not to take into consideration the Italian restaurants. Our effort to put value of German cuisine had completely failed – it is absent, but …

We had finally met the real master of culinary art there, in Dusseldorf airport Sheraton.

The restaurant Sheraton in Airport of Dusseldorf

The carpaccio was not indeed Italian, but it was rather fantasy, designer’s,

The restaurant Sheraton in Airport of Dusseldorf

as well as the other dishes.

The restaurant Sheraton in Airport of Dusseldorf

Cheese plate was if not particularly spiritual, but rather worthy.

The restaurant Sheraton in Airport of Dusseldorf

It was the bright final point of our journey over Germany. Anyways, they had master cooks. Or else we felt pity for German 🙂

If you will be at the Dusseldorf airport, visit the Sheraton restaurant in the hotel and eat there a little bit. Otherwise, it could happen, that till the end of the journey you will not find good, tasty food.

Against our expectations dinner a deux did not make our purse die of distress, thought the wine was extremely expensive, but delicious.

The restaurant Sheraton in Airport of Dusseldorf

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29 Responses to “Our perfect dinner in Sheraton of Dusseldorf Airport”

  1. Debra Kolkka Says:

    I have travelled in southern Germany and found the food to be quite good.


  2. newprairiestore Says:

    It all looks wonderful…the cheese plate looks especially delicious!


  3. wordsfromanneli Says:

    If it was as good as it was artistic, must have been yummy.


  4. wolke205 Says:

    Looks good 🙂


  5. 2 Rivers Photos Says:

    The food looks delicious… I really like the image with the glasses overlooking the window 🙂


  6. Country Skipper Says:

    Looks fancy! Sorry you didn’t find good food so close to my home area. I wonder if you just got unlucky with the places/foods you picked or if maybe German food isn’t to your taste.


  7. Victor Tribunsky Says:

    Germany is my historical motherland and I will returne and check it certainly.


  8. eof737 Says:

    It all looks delicious! 🙂


  9. The World Is My Cuttlefish Says:

    I’ve never seen such a large carpaccio!


  10. Sheila T Illustrated Says:

    Elegant food and photos! A delicious and rewarding end to your travels there!


  11. oldmarion Says:

    Just as I have come to expect from your blog, Victor. A clear appraisal of the food! Not your best meal, presentation wise, but a lovely restaurant, by the looks of it.
    John and I are slowly coming to the end of our travels round Australia and New Zealand. We should be back in England in less than three weeks. I have to say I am really looking forward to a good meal. We have not found many excellent restaurants in Australia.


      • oldmarion Says:

        Honestly, no! I am sure there must be some but we are eating on a tight budget and only go to a few each month. So far I have eaten an Indian meal that tasted of salt! And scones that were very dry. However, they do cook very good fish with chips in places, so ok – some! Russel was a good example, but that was in New Zealand!


  12. Victor Tribunsky Says:

    In Italy You can perfectly eat on a tight budget on a every corner 🙂


  13. Andrew Petcher Says:

    Victor, you should visit the Black Forest – the food is wonderful!


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