Russian Winter on Volga

That winter was very cold in Russia. We met the New Year 2011 at a temperature -27Β°C, sometime -30Β°C, near the historic town of Uglich on the river of Volga where Dmitry, the 8-year-old son of the Russian tzar, Ivan the Terrible, was killed in 1591.

Uglich, Russia.

Uglich. Russia.

Winters in Russia can be very cold and incredible beautiful like a fairy tale. Nevertheless, our small German car (it name was Angelique Sain-Hevre Desiree Arno) worked perfectly.

Victor Tribunsky.

All the cats were very fluffy πŸ™‚

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61 thoughts on “Russian Winter on Volga

  1. Russian Winters are special, both due to their extreme coldness and unforgettable beauty. I love your pictures that bring back memories of cross-country skiing in birchtrees forests and on frozen rivers. The coldest I experienced there was in Novgorod, it must have been around – 20. But what a fabulous frozen landscape ! Thanks for your visit and “like”.

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  2. Victor, I loved this blog….I’ve reposted it on my Fbk as A, it’s a great blog and B, because I can then keep looking at the pics and fantasise about snow…..I’m a long way away from any right now, and I miss it!


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