Unique Abandoned Russian Сhurch in Yaropolec


Russian Kazan Theotokos Church. Chernyshov estate, Yaropolec, Russia.

Russian Kazan Theotokos Church. Chernyshov’s estate, Yaropolec, Russia.

Russia. Yaropolec. Spring. The manor of Chernyshev. The church of the family of Admiral Chernyshev, one of the favorites of the Empress Catherine the Great. This stunningly beautiful church is the only one in Russia having two domes.

The condition of the building is terrible. No wonder, because it is guarded by the state as an architectural monument. Nevertheless, the church makes an indelible impression. The entrance is shut—as if it is under reconstruction—but sure enough there is a hole. We penetrate it. It is calm and noble inside despite the breakdown. The aura is awesome.

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Our Adventure on the Epiphany of the Lord: Russian Winter, Russian Cuisine and Russian Bath

By Irina

When you are going to distant Russia, you are always caught between: to go in winter or in summer? The most tourists definitely choose russian winter – the desperate ones! :-) So, we also went to Russia to celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord.

St. Basil Cathedral, Red Square, Moscow. Russia.

St. Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square, Moscow. Russia.

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Russian Castle Muromtsevo: An Almost Buried Wonder

Castles are quite a rare architectural feature for Russia. There are plenty of churches, fortified hermitages, well-preserved military fortresses, and ancient manors of the nobility, but the castles are the great wonder.

Here you can see three castles, but can you really guess which one is located in Russia?


This trip was postponed several times during two long years, and who knows, maybe the beautiful mellow autumn gave us a shove to hit the road. Here it is, the château formerly owned by Count Khrapovitsky in the Vladimir region of Russia.

Russian castle by Vladimir Khrapovitsky in the Vladimir region, Russia

Chateau by Vladimir Khrapovitsky in the Vladimir region, Russia

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