Rovinj and Its Competitor Dubrovnik

By Irina

The Island of St. Andrew. The Adriatic Sea, Rovinj, Croatia.

The Island of St. Andrew. The Adriatic Sea, Rovinj, Croatia.

Just three days ago, we rested in the Croatian city of Rovinj, breathed in the amazing pine air, swam in the perfectly clean Adriatic Sea, and ate such a tasty ice cream that I wondered if the Croatians had discovered the Italians’ secret. However, I had to leave the warmth of Croatia urgently on business, and now, I sit in the office and receive SMS-messages as follow:

“I ordered a steak with a mushroom sauce, and it is delicious again. What other reason do I need to stay here a bit longer?”

“The restaurant Sidro operates from April till October, but the owner gave me the addresses of those that are open in winter.”

“A villa with a terrace and garden in the quiet part of Rovinj with the view of the Sveta Catarina Island costs about 220,000 Euro.”

These are the messages from Victor who stayed in Rovinj for several more days. Well, it shows we were not wrong to choose the Adriatic coast of Croatia for a summer vacation.

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Island Hotel Katarina or Paradise With Some Drawbacks

View of Rovinj from Sveta Katarina Island, Croatia.

View of Rovinj from Sveta Katarina Island, Croatia.

A picturesque island, Sveta Katarina is located in front of the city of Rovinj in Istria, Croatia. It is an island-hotel called Maistra Hotel Katarina. The last owner of the island—Count Milewski, who bought it in 1905—wanted to make it a true paradise to receive guests and use as his own residence. For 21 years, he did a great job, the results of which we are able to see today. The island is a paradise indeed, but… only at first glance.

When you gradually acquaint yourself with it, you notice some really paradoxical and even shocking things, although Count Milewski bears no responsibility for them. More on that later; I don’t want my comments to have a negative influence on your opinion about this wonderful place from the first lines. Let’s be fair.

View of Sveta Katarina Island from the bell tower of the Saint Euphemia Church. Rovinj, Croatia.

View of Sveta Katarina Island from the bell tower of the Saint Euphemia Church. Rovinj, Croatia.

So, for 124 Euros (about 907 Kuna) per day in the Hotel Katarina, Istria, in August, you have:

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Plitvice Lakes – Obstacle Course on the Way to Water Paradise

Water, lakes, waterfalls and forests could be found in other places – but still,
the Plitvice Lakes are the only in the whole world.

Ivo Pevalek

How did we manage to escape from the sea in the middle of August, having left both the brisk Adriatic Sea and always refreshing white wine Malvazija, in order to personally make sure of the perfection and uniqueness of the most famous national park of Croatia, Plitvice Lakes, I don’t know.

Waterfall. Plitvice Lake National Park. Croatia.

Waterfall. Plitvice Lake National Park

So why are these Plitvice Lakes worth visiting? What do you think about the perspective to spend the whole day on the territory, fulfilled with more than 16 big and small lakes, around 140 waterfalls and 20 caves? Moreover, you probably have never breathed such air. One thousand two hundred meters above the sea, the beech and pine solid wood of Europe, Plitvice Lakes is a real empire of water, self-healing ecosystem, where the new waterfalls are born every single year.

How many are there such untouched and pure places on Earth and how many of them have you been to? Generally, in spite of August and some doubts we went on!

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