Plitvice Lakes – Obstacle Course on the Way to Water Paradise

Water, lakes, waterfalls and forests could be found in other places – but still,
the Plitvice Lakes are the only in the whole world.

Ivo Pevalek

How did we manage to escape from the sea in the middle of August, having left both the brisk Adriatic Sea and always refreshing white wine Malvazija, in order to personally make sure of the perfection and uniqueness of the most famous national park of Croatia, Plitvice Lakes, I don’t know.

Waterfall. Plitvice Lake National Park. Croatia.

Waterfall. Plitvice Lake National Park

So why are these Plitvice Lakes worth visiting? What do you think about the perspective to spend the whole day on the territory, fulfilled with more than 16 big and small lakes, around 140 waterfalls and 20 caves? Moreover, you probably have never breathed such air. One thousand two hundred meters above the sea, the beech and pine solid wood of Europe, Plitvice Lakes is a real empire of water, self-healing ecosystem, where the new waterfalls are born every single year.

How many are there such untouched and pure places on Earth and how many of them have you been to? Generally, in spite of August and some doubts we went on!

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Why You Will Love Summer Rovinj

No doubt, it is great to live on a beautiful lonely island in the sea in a comfortable hotel with everything you need ready to hand. You do not need to worry about anything – breakfast, supper, dinner, bar, beach, chaise lounge, shower, SPA, conditioner, pines, sport – everything is ready forthwith on your demand. But all this structure could be taken and moved entirely to some other place near the sea and you won’t feel the difference; whichever country it is, whichever the sea or the city, whichever language do the locals speak – it won’t stick in your mind.

View of Rovinj city from Sveta Katarina island. Istria, Croatia.

View of Rovinj city from Sveta Katarina island

But what if you try to take the apartments and live a life if not of a native, but at least of a researcher, who arrived to take a rest. Let’s try? Then, follow me, my devoted reader, today we have Rovinj – an ancient city on the Croatian Adriatic coast of Istria.

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Austrian Cuisine or 100 Points in Favor of Croatia

Have you ever heard something like: “We’re going to Germany for a week – to eat something German?» It’s the same about traditional Austrian cuisine. I have really got earful with that Wiener Schnitzel. Well, I tried it. Even thrice just to make sure. And for different costs…

Wiener schnitzel in Salzburg

Hey guys, do you know that there are plenty of flavorings and spices, except of salt, pepper and vinegar? Nope?! Well, go to Italy then, it’s not that far from you. :-) Learn from the Italians. You have a perfect high quality meat, but this is not enough. You should be able to cook it properly!

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